Stronghouse Event - Developing a green hydrogen energy network

13 February 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
What steps are needed to further develop green hydrogen as a viable alternative to natural gas for home heating? To find more answers, Stronghouse is organizing a 2-day hydrogen-themed expedition in the north of Netherlands, including a visit to Germany, on 29th – 30th March.

The Northern Netherlands is currently developing into the Dutch hydrogen region. The national climate agreement states that natural gas will no longer be extracted  from the gas fields of Groningen after 2030 - which is why there is great focus on a H2 alternative. Kees Boer represents the Municipality of Hoogeveen where a pilot is being run retrofitting an existing neighbourhood with hydrogen heating. Kees:"The region has everything going for it in that respect, including the existing pipeline infrastructure which is perfectly suitable for hydrogen transport and storage."

Hydrogen, highlights, hotspots

"Besides contributions from other partners, like Vives and Bremerhaven, we've approached our network of hydrogen experts and created an exciting and varied 2-day 'expedition', visiting a series of hydrogen highlights and hotspots," he continues.  "Our programme is designed to inspire H2 colleagues and stakeholders interested in this side of the energy transition and we hope to learn from them too."

There is a lot happening in the northern provinces and, with this event, Stronghouse  aims to attract other parties from the partner regions,  thus ensuring  an optimal knowledge exchange. 

Discover more, learn & share 

Join this journey of discovery, visiting practical H2 examples and inspiring demonstrations!

  • Visit the hydrogen heated neighbourhood in Hoogeveen
  • Learn more at the hydrogen test hub EnTranCe - Centre of Expertise at Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • Listen to DNV, the energy transition experts .
  • Be inspired by the New Energy Coalition and the first Hydrogen Valley in Europe
  • Hear how the Gasunie develop a strategy for a national H2 network.
  • Join us at Groningen Airport Eelde for the H2 GPU demonstration
  • See more in Bremerhaven - H2 production and storage for district heating 

Developing a green hydrogen energy network - Groningen - 29th & 30th March 

Check here for full programme details and registration. 

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