Meet the Partners: The City of Bremerhaven

18 February 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
With the urban masterplan for active climate policy, Bremerhaven has declared climate protection to be a task of general public interest and is also claiming the title of “Climate City”. Climate City Bremerhaven is intended to serve as a guide for the future actions of the city, its businesses and citizens.

In their climate protection plan, the Municipality of Bremerhaven has made a detailed analysis of the potential CO2 savings of a combined approach to the energy transition. Their adoption and implementation strategy is based on cooperation and focusses on both the energy renovation of individual homes as well as access to renewable energy sources through the municipal network infrastructure.

Stimulate to renovate

In Stronghouse, the City wants to find new ways to reach out to individual homeowners, to stimulate and enable them to renovate their homes and implement renewable energy through local networks. Bremerhaven aims to strengthen its efforts to reduce the CO2 footprint district by district - providing helpful  tools for citizens and getting local SMEs on board.


 Connecting with citizens, Bremerhaven Energy and Climate Day 2020

European cooperation

Bremerhaven wants to fill some gaps by sharing ideas, learning, improving and developing missing elements with the other partners. They have extensive experience working with other European partners in various programmes, whereby their cooperation in the Interreg Baltic Sea Project Act Now! (together with ProjectZero) is particularly valuable to the Stronghouse partners as this project deals with similar issues in terms of community support for energy efficiency.

Combining measures

During the course of the Stronghouse project, our partners in Bremerhaven will actively participate in the analysis of current practices and formulate user stories from a homeowner and community perspective regarding access to renewable energy options. Bremerhaven will also design, pilot and implement municipal support measures to provide this access.

These measures will be combined with a range of enabling instruments developed by other partners.

Sounds like a strong mix!


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