The Stronghouse Legacy

30 August 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Stronghouse project has officially come to an end, having successfully supported the energy transition of many thousands of homes across the North Sea Region, making them stronger, smarter and more sustainable.

Stronghouse success

The success of the Stronghouse collaboration and the amazing results the consortium has achieved, has far surpassed initial goals. We have all learned that ultimately everyone has role to play in the energy transition. By providing support for many aspects of the energy renovation journey - on many levels - we can proudly say that Stronghouse  has made a significant contribution to the European goals for CO2 reduction, the EU Renovation Wave and the Green Deal. 

A picture speaks a  thousand words, a voice a thousand pictures. During the project's final conference we filmed an overview starring the partners themselves. Each tells of their own Stronghouse experience. Together they relate the project’s legacy. Do take a look!

The Stronghouse Story - Vision & Results


Hein Braaksma, Stronghouse Project Coordinator for the Province of Drenthe


 Ugo Leever, The Ugo Leever, The Province of Drenthe


 Roy Stavenga, The Municipality of Noordenveld


Bert Scheper, The Municipality of Hoogeveen


 Daniel van der Kleij, Drents Energie Loket


 Ine Lobelle, City of Roeselare


Emile vande Burie, Vives University of Applied Science


 Evelien Impens, IGEMO


Amar Bennadji, Robert Gordon University 


 Amar Bennadji, (on behalf of) Kishorn Insulation


Bernd Josef Leisen, (on behalf of) Bremerhaven


Jeremy Apeken, University of Vechta


 Claire Piqueret Rose, atene Kom


Anne Branderup, ProjectZero


Anne Branderup, (on behalf of) Bolius


Tommy Olsen, Gate 21 


Niels Hansen, The Municipality of Albertslund


 Tommy Olsen, (on behalf of) FORS


 Johan Vedel, (on behalf of) iNudgeyou


 Johan Vedel, The Municipality of Fredensborg


 Krushna Mahapatra, Linneaus University


 Georgios Pardalis, (on behalf of) E.ON


 Juho Lindman, University of Gothenburg


 Andreas Nilsson, SPRING


For more in-depth insights on the Stronghouse Customer Journey, working with Personas and speeding up the European Renovation Wave follow our e-learnings.