You can still sign up for the Stronghouse Final Conference!

30 May 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Stronghouse project has been providing targeted support for homeowners since 2019, using the Customer Journey and Neighbourhood Approach to achieve pretty impressive results. During the final conference you can learn more from the partners about the project’s impact, the twin transition (green and digital) and how all this contributes to the next stage of the Renovation Wave.

As a stakeholder in the energy renovation sector, please join us at the Stronghouse Final Conference on 6th June in the Provinciehuis  in Assen, Drenthe for a mix of the international consortium’s  results and our view to the future. 

What can you expect?

  •        Networking lunch
  •        Inspiring speakers
  •        Stronghouse solutions developed during the course of the project
  •        Expert views on the Stronghouse approach to energy renovation
  •        Project highlights, partners priorities
  •        The big picture - future perspective on sustainable housing & living. 

Innovative tools & strategies

Stronghouse has developed innovative digital tools and strategies, and redesigned measures to assist homeowners in their customer journey from initial interest, to planning, financing and contracting energy renovation. How? Find out more and join us at the:

The Stronghouse Final Conference, Assen 6th June, 12.30 pm

You can access the Stronghouse Conference Programme here.

Please register here by 2nd June or email


If you require further information or need to get in touch, please contact:

Hein Braaksma, Project Coordinator

Deirdre Buist, Communications Advisor