EMPOWER 2.0 is the abbreviation of Empowering the citizens - Towards European Energy Market 2.0 (Enabling More People’s OWnership in Energy tRansition).


The project aims to demonstrate and accelerate the empowerment of citizens to become active energy citizens.  Citizens are facilitated to: 

  •       create local energy communities via existing civil society structures.
  •       develop new, for example organisational solutions.
  •       adopt new, emerging and existing solutions for energy ownership.

This will lead to an increase of energy awareness and renewable energy production, and hence reduce the environmental footprint in the North Sea Region.


EMPOWER2.0 is an Interreg North Sea Region funded project with 14 partners, led by Gemeente Zaanstad (NL):

  •       Seven cities, provinces, intermunicipal organisations:

Gemeente Zaanstad NL, Provincie West-Vlaanderen BE, Essex County Council UK, Southend on Sea Borough Council UK, Middelfart Kommune DK, Gemeente Haarlem NL, Intercommunale Leiedal BE

  •       Three universities:

Hogeschool van Amsterdam NL, University of Southern Denmark DK, Ghent University BE

  •       One company: 

Graham Oakes Ltd UK

  •       Three cooperatives:

Coöperatieve WeSpark Zaanstreek NL, Stadsgarage NL, Coöperatie Kennemer Kracht NL.

Latest Project News

Facilitation local energy communities: Leiedal takes up the challenge

28 October 2021

The European Union wants to empower groups of citizens to become “Energy Communities”. To make this possible in the today energy market, the EU updat…

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Middelfart is the most sustainable destination in Europe

28 October 2021

The Danish municipality Middelfart became the winner of the 2022 Eurepean Destination of Excellence EDEN competition, for its smart and sustainable t…

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Implementing legislation on local energy communities will not suffice

28 October 2021

EMPOWER 2.0. presented among the different energy initiatives of Leiedal

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Project Stronghouse: "Citizen involvement is key"

25 October 2021

EMPOWER 2.0 is not the only Interreg North Sea Region project working on the energy transition and the green economy. Our project caught up with the c…

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The energy of Empower 2.0

14 October 2021

Empowering means bringing energy to people, literally and metaphorically. But when after a long dark corona time the Empower 2.0 members join again, …

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