Middelfart Kommune (DK)

Partner Description

The Municipality of Middelfart has a clear dedication towards Green Transition, and a carbon zero society in 2050. The municipality consists of urban as well as rural areas. There are 37.000 inhabitants and most living in rural areas. The municipality is in many ways front runner regarding co-creation of sustainable solutions in small villages. Especially the village of Foens has demonstrated a path and a relevant case for European partners. The municipality, with the focus on community energy, has developed new technologies suited for minor villages, called Thermonet. Also a process based upon anthropological studies have been developed and applied. The municipality has experience on energy technology, winning the award for Denmarks best Smart city project 2016. This has led to insights in demand/response and prosumer possibilities in a smart Grid perspective. Middelfart is part of a regional Energy Alliance and a member of respected networks that produce solutions and advice to multiple levels of governance.


Role in EMPOWER2.0

Middelfart is predominantly interested in realising the mapped potentials into renewable and sustainable solutions in the EMPOWER2.0 project. The municipality wants to learn both in our own region as well as from the other pilot regions.

Middelfart will conduct pilot actions in rural areas. There will be an emphasis on processes to realise findings. This will lead towards the construction of prosumer propositions, and the actual applications in households. Mapping possibilities is also high on the agenda.