Empowering toolkit for local energy, under construction

28 September 2021 - Published by Dominique Dhondt

Through pilots, meetings and exchange of experience Empower 2.0 searches to empower the groups of citizens and businesses in a new role as energy prosumer in collective settings. Currently, citizens and businesses encounter significant challenges in the field of governance, technical, legal, financial… to play an active role in the energy market.

Online digital learning platform

EMPOWER 2.0 develops a toolbox to organise large scale engagement in the local green energy provision, to overcome all problems. It will be a freely accessible online digital platform, co-created with stakeholders and end users. It is quickly reaching the point where it can be distributed. This week we have filmed the videos of EMPOWER 2.0. Learning Module with our pilot leaders. In the videos, they discuss the results of their experiments and what have worked or not so far, so authorities and energy experts can learn from our experiences with empowering citizens.

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