Gemeente Haarlem (NL)

Partner Description

Haarlem Municipality has around 160.000 inhabitants, making it the 12th municipality in the Netherlands and the second in North-Holland after Amsterdam. It is the capital of the North-Holland province. Haarlem is part of the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA) and is frontrunner in the Netherlands on the smart sustainable policies. It wants to be climate neutral in 2030, and free of natural gas by 2040. Haarlem is active in citizens' engagement in the Energy Transition, by stimulating, accelerating and facilitating their initiatives. Active energy cooperation participants are more aware and feel higher sense of urgency. 

With local partners Stadsgarage and Coöperatie Kennemer Kracht, the Municipality facilitates citizens to join several renewable energy source projects and become prosumers.


Role in EMPOWER2.0

The main role of Municipality Haarlem is to help find solutions for obstacles in co-creation with local partners. Besides, the Municipality collects information from stakeholders about what is needed to scale up and accelerate the realisation of local initiatives and respond to the chances that arise and stimulate the natural development of the topic. Haarlem is also involved in communication, showcasing ambassadors, informing citizens to increase awareness, sense of urgency and support for the energy transition.