Guest Lecture | All about energy communities, the Transfo Zwevegem Pilot and DC distribution systems

21 May 2021 - Published by Dominique Dhondt
Just like last academic year PhD researcher Hakim Azaioud gave a guest lecture to students in Sustainable Energy System Management at the HOWEST University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen). This time, given the limited number of students and the measures taken by the lecturers, the session took place physically. Even more, after the guest lecture we went for a walk exploring the majestic Transfo site.

The afternoon started with a presentation of the Transfo site, its history and the future plans for the site. Then, I presented the kinds of Energy Communities as defined by the Clean Energy Package. Finally, the evolution and the challenges our distribution grids is encountering today have been presented as well as answering the question: “How can DC distribution systems pave the way for a smoother energy transition?”

The role of the EMPOWER2.0 project has several times been emphasized exploring the necessity of empowering citizens from all walks to contribute to the energy transition. “The demonstrative value of the Transfo project as well as the synergies between the different partners and pilot projects along the North Sea Region will undoubtedly lead to interesting and valuable outcomes.”

Site visit

After the lecture we went on site to let the students discover the rich patrimonies and to show in real life what is now happening and what will be in the near future. The students where very impressed by the beautiful harmony between the old heritage-rich infrastructure and the future plans for an innovative energy system.


PhD researcher Hakim Azaioud also published a new scientific article on the benefits of a low voltage DC in the energy transition.