The FIX-brigade in Zaanstad

19 January 2022 - Published by Dominique Dhondt

People with a small budget do not always have the means to make their homes more sustainable, although they would benefit the most from energy efficient houses. Together with EMPOWER 2.0, the Dutch municipality of Zaanstad aims to mitigate energy poverty.  

Eline van Hove, leading the EMPOWER 2.0 project explains: “Small energy-saving jobs like sealing, adjusting the boiler or installing radiator foil can really make a difference for these households. We already had experience in Zaanstad with the deployment of energy coaches, who give tenants energy-saving advice for their homes, but the work doesn't stop there.” The newly erected ‘FIXbrigade’ continues where the work of the energy coaches ends. Handymen ensure that energy-saving solutions are installed free of charge. 

EMPOWER 2.0 tries to find out how to reach the target group of residents, by experimenting with different forms of communication, in close cooperation with energy coaches, housing corporations and neighbourhood teams. For example a video is made to reach Zaanstad’s Arab-speaking residents.

To inspire other municipalities to set up a FIXbrigade and to share our lessons learned, the pilot organises two digital events -in Dutch- on 3 and 15 February for which you can apply on https://mraduurzaam.nl/agenda/webinar-fixbrigade-tegen-energiearmoede/

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