Wespark brings together enthousiast prosumers in the Zaan region

28 September 2021 - Published by Dominique Dhondt

For the first time, the energy cooperative Wespark set up a 'Friends of WeSpark' event in the Stoomhal in Wormer The Netherlands. The organisation wishes to get to know its participants better in an informal way while enjoying a snack and drink.

On the agenda: the presentation of the newest Wespark initiative, Naturally WaaS. With WaaS, Wespark will turn the Zaan region upside down, with a service that makes making homes more sustainable accessible to everyone.


WeSpark has been developing a new heat service called "Natuurlijk WaaS". This is a total concept whereby residents can choose from 4 subscription packages. You choose the package that suits you best. Residents do not have to invest in making their homes more sustainable.

WeSpark unburdens residents by financing this heat service on their behalf. To do this, WeSpark charges a monthly fee for the use of the heat service. The amount of the fee depends on the package selected. In addition, residents naturally pay separately for their 'general' electricity and gas costs. We do encourage residents to switch entirely to an all-electric scenario, in order to become completely independent of gas. This means that we encourage residents to switch to electric cooking via an induction hob.

Accessible, sustainable, comfortable and affordable. That is the goal: making the Zaan region more sustainable together.

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