EMPOWER2.0 webinar, inspired by co2mmunity, 31/3/2020 - 1/4/2020

08 December 2020 - Published by Dominique Dhondt
While the world physically is closed due to Corona, lessons on citizen participation in clean energy transition is travelling fast between the Baltic Sea region and the North Sea region in the European Union.

Researcher Henner Busch, from the Swedish university of Lund, gave a presentation in a two day webinar for partners in the European Funded “EMPOWER” project from the North Sea Region.

“To engage citizens, it might not be a good idea to start by calling the engineers to start the processes”, Henner Busch stated. This gave immediate attention, and Henner proceeded with the following points “actually, clean green energy transition is just as much a social process where “fairness” is a crucial issue. This is important to address.” Henner also reminded that citizen groups often need an intermediary, who can focus on community issues and have an in-depth understanding of local context.

His findings are a part of the EU Interreg project www.Co2mmunity.eu from the Baltic Sea Region.

From the EMPOWER project, Keijen van Eijk (project leader) was really happy with the cross-regional cooperation and said “We all planned to go to Southend-on-Sea from March 31st until April 1st for our official partner meeting. But due to Corona we stayed in our homes and did a 2 days webinar. We got the job done and the work from Henner really inspired us all, and brought fresh knowledge to the room.”

Further information about both projects who are now sharing knowledge:

presented by Henner Busch
www.Co2mmunity.eu , 

magaged by Keijen van Eijk

EMPOWER 2.0 stands for Enabling More People’s OWnership in Energy tRansition. The purpose is to enable households and businesses to become more involved in the energy system, to better control their energy consumption and to respond to price signals. How? By developing tools and methods for them to generate electricity for their own consumption, to store it, share it, consume it or to sell it back to the market.

EMPOWER 2.0 is funded by the European Regional Development Fund via the Interreg North Sea Region Programme, and cofinanced by the Province of North Holland.