EMPOWER 2.0 @ Klimaatfestival Zwevegem, 4 to 6 October 2019

Venue: https://www.zwevegem.be/klimaatfestivalzwevegem

During the weekend of Octobre 4th, 5th and 6th, a climate festival takes place at Transfo Zwevegem, one of the pilots of EMPOWER2.0. This festival consists of energetic activities, stimulating workshops, presenting examplary projects about climate-friendly living/symplifying life and inspiring keynote speakers.


The provisional festival program:

  • Friday evening (this is free but you will need to register!)
    • Keynote by Jos Delbeke (former director-general for climate at the European Commission)
    • Political debate
    • Ecoreception
  • Saturday 
    • A day full of workshops, keynotes, activities about climate-friendly living, testcourses of electric bikes, foodtrucks, Children’s animation, … . In the morning, one of the keynotes will be about empower2.0 and the Transfo site as pilot project by Stijn Vandamme (https://www.zwevegem.be/klimaatfestivalzwevegem/nieuws/stijn-vandamme-transfo-energiecentrale-van-de-toekomst
    • Evening: lecture of Frank Deboosere (weatherman on national television) about climate change followed by an eco-walking dinner (this one’s is not free of admission)
    • Evening: Outdoor-movie: power2change (documentary about civil energy cooperative organisations throughout the world)
    • Evening: Eco-party organised by the Youth Council of Zwevegem
  • Sunday (the ‘active’ day)
    • Presenting the climateplan of Zwevegem
    • Climate bike tours
    • Climate walking tour
    • Guided tours around the Transfosite