Ghent University (BE)

Partner Description

Ghent University is a top 100 university and one of the major universities in Belgium. Their 11 faculties offer a wide range of courses and conduct in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains. Ghent University has long experience in the domain of renewables, demand response, energy markets and microgrids.  In the EMPOWERED2.0 project, Ghent University is involved with 2 research groups:

1. Its energy knowledge platform, called Power-Link. Power-Link wants to support the transition towards a sustainable and resilient society by optimising the sharing of energy knowledge and by facilitating energy related research, within the context of Ghent University and on Flemish and European level. More concretely Power-Link initiates and supports scientific research projects on sustainable and renewable energy and encourages innovation and implementation of new energy technologies. In this aspect, Power-Link can rely on a broad quadruple helix network, by which it is interlinking the industry and research community, policy makers and end users. Power-Link is located on the GreenBridge Science Park in West-Flanders.  Power-Link has a micro-grid demonstrator and a field lab for small and medium wind turbines. Power-Link specialises in the multidisciplinary approach of energy transition challenges. Moreover, Power-Link has a long track record in project communication and dissemination.

2.  The research group UGent-EELAB/Lemcko is active in the domain of renewable energy sources and storage systems. It has a strong expertise in the domain of power quality, storage and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and data aggregation. Different aspects of the integration of RES in the electrical grid including the control at distribution level is studied. Last years, UGent-EELAB/Lemcko group has increased both research team and infrastructure in the domain of autonomous microgrids. The Lemcko lab is equipped with a real microgrid including a 10 times 1kW PV field, emulated wind turbine, CHP and on top of it a free programmable power source of 240kVA for emulating on realistic supply conditions. Nowadays the further development of a hybrid storage system is ongoing. This also will include a DC backbone configuration with emulators for PV, wind and V2G applications, all of them in the power range of 100kVA. Furthermore, the Lemcko lab is also included in the prestigious DERLab consortium. UGent-EELAB/Lemcko use its results obtained from both granted research projects and former PhD studies for further enhancement of its knowledge. The group is also delivering services and support to the DSO as well as different industrial and governmental partners.


Role in EMPOWER2.0

Ghent University will take the role as technical sparring-partner for the different living labs. Activities are the design of microgrids, optimisation of PV and storage, demand side management and monitoring and control of microgrids. Ghent University will contribute to the non-technical challenges (economical, juridical, organizational, communication) based on its large experience on this topic.