Kennemer meets Zaanstad (NL), 14-11-2019

08 December 2020 - Published by Dominique Dhondt
On 14-11-2019, the event 'KENNEMER MEETS ZAANSTAD' was hosted by EMPOWER2.0 project partners Zaanstad, Stadsgarage and Kennemer Energie. The goal of the event was to share knowledge and get inspired by the successes of local energy iniatives in the region. The target audience was representatives of an energy organisation in the neighbourhood (from starting inhabitants initiative to elaborated cooperation).

By exchanging experiences about the thresholds and successes that were encountered during the setup of a sustainable initiative, the awareness is being created that it is possible to help each other.  Because of this first contact, it gets easier to exchange information and knowledge between the participants, and this helps to maintain the motivation to complete the trajectory.

The gathering has ensured that new connections have been made between the networks.  The poster you can see above this article, was empty at the beginning of the session.  At the end, as you can see, a whole network was created.  After the meeting e-mail addresses were exchanged between participants, which enables them to get into contact with each other. 

There was a pleasant athmosphere.  The particpants were engaged and motivated, asked lots of questions and put lots of effort into the assignments.  The whole day was considered as a success! 

The full report of the meeting can be found here.