Coöperatie Kennemer Kracht (NL)

Partner Description

Coöperatie Kennemer Kracht is an umbrella organisation for energy cooperations and collective solar power roofs. Coöperatie Kennemer Kracht's main target is to invest in collective renewable energy plants and to manage these plants in the most cost effective way for her members.


Role in EMPOWER2.0

The role of Coöperatie Kennemer Kracht in the EMPOWER2.0 project is:

  • The establishment of a feasible future proof organisation which facilitates the development and management of renewable energy source (RES) plant and solar power roof projects in particular.
  • The development of sound business cases for both Coöperatie Kennemer Kracht and the supported projects.
  • The implementation of a risk mitigation fund for the supported RES plants.
  • The development of both a communication and marketing strategy and tools for recruitment of participants: citizens, roof owners, small local businesses.