VIDEO: International attention - Denmark’s newest and smallest citizen run district heating system

17 December 2020 - Published by Dominique Dhondt
The pilot in the EMPOWER project, the village of Føns, is receiving international attention.

In Germany there has been a demand for good projects on district heating. The village of Føns has made their own local district heating with only 47 houses. This is an interesting case that gives inspiration also for bigger towns. German city Baden Württemberg has invited the villagers to give a presentation and attend in a meeting with major stakeholders in Baden Württemberg. The aim is to supply major cities with renewable and affordable heating for citizens, company’s and industry. So the little citizen run district heating system is regarded a best-case example from Denmark. The Danish Board of District Heating (www.dbdh.dk) has produced a film about the villages system that now is inspiring the German market.


Since the film was produced also stakeholders from Scotland have shown interest. Renewable District heating is for all sizes of towns and even small renewable energy co-operations are justified. And in this case, citizens empower cities in green transition.


Further information: https://foens-naervarme.dk/