Intercommunale Leiedal (BE)

Partner Description

Leiedal organises the cooperation of 13 cities and municipalities in the Kortrijk region (300,000 inhabitants) on socio-economic development of the region. Leiedal supports policies of cities and municipalities in the field of spatial planning, spatial design, e-government, mobility, local low carbon strategies, networking and participation and complex projects. In its strategic plan 2013-2018, Leiedal expressed ambitions in sustainable energy and a climate neutral region.

The challenge in the local-regional climate policy in next policy period (from 2019 on) will be to involve and activate citizens in the low-carbon policies. The EMPOWER2.0-project will play an important role in these ambitions, as it will enable Leiedal and partners to develop strategies to better connect with citizens. It must create more demand for low-carbon solution, and trigger more investments in the region. Solutions that work in a niche will be tweaked to solutions that can be scaled up.


Role in EMPOWER2.0

The Intercommunale Leiedal will work on two pilot cases; one being led by Province West-Flanders (see that partner) and one at Leiedal. The Leiedal pilot will concern fertilising the ground for local energy cooperatives and collective action for NZEB-renovation of private dwellings. This includes communication actions and contracting and juridical developments. Leiedal also takes care of international communication of the EMPOWER 2.0 project and results.