Solar together Essex: a new campaign for clean energy

15 March 2021 - Published by Dominique Dhondt
Thousands of Essex residents are coming together to produce clean energy and save on their household bills. So far more than 3,600 households and businesses have signed up to Solar Together Essex, a group buying scheme for solar panels launched in February by Essex County Council that gives residents and small businesses an opportunity to buy high quality solar panels at a discounted rate.

Registering for Solar Together Essex is quick and easy – interested customers simply provide details about their roof size and orientation. The more people register, the better the deal for each household or business. An auction will be held on 23rd March where pre-vetted installers submit bids. The most competitive package will win the auction. Everyone who has registered will be sent a personalised offer, providing installation costs and return on investment of the solar panel installation. There is no obligation to continue to purchase and residents will have until the 21st May to decide.

Solar Together Essex is one of the activities that Essex County Council is delivering as part of the Empower 2.0 project. The estimate is that Solar Together Essex will result in more than 500 new solar PV installations in the County. The scheme is a step towards reducing carbon emissions as part of Essex County Council's commitment to become a net zero County by 2050.