Four new cooperative solar roofs with sustainable power for the neighbourhood in Haarlem (Netherlands)

18 January 2021 - Published by Dominique Dhondt
Over the past year, various energy cooperatives from Haarlem worked hard to establish new cooperative solar roofs. Currently, there are 8 cooperative solar roofs in Haarlem. And in the first quarter of 2021, there will be 4 more.

For inhabitants of Haarlem who cannot install solar panels on their own roof, it is a good idea to participate in a cooperative solar roof. On the roofs of large buildings, such as companies, sports complexes and schools, there are solar panels that local residents can also use to generate renewable energy.

KweekZon in the Haarlemmer Kweektuin

The greenhouses in the Haarlemmer Kweektuin will have 662 solar panels. The municipality and energy cooperative KweekZon have agreed to this. All solar panels have now been sold to local residents.

Solar panels on the roof of the Mendel College

Residents' initiative Zonneplaneet and local residents of De Krim, next to the Mendel College, are building together with energy cooperative Kennemer Kracht a cooperative solar power roof with over 900 panels. Approximately 150 households will be able to use it. There currently is a waiting list for participants. 

Haarlem Noorderlicht in the Transvaal neighbourhood and the Waarderpolder

The Haarlem Noorderlicht energy cooperative is working on two new cooperative solar roofs. Teva Nederland in the Waarderpolder and the Owners' Association Transvaalstraat in the Transvaal neighbourhood are having a solar power plant built on their roofs together with Kennemer Energie. Approximately 160 residents and companies in the direct vicinity can participate. If you are interested, please contact Haarlem Noorderlicht.

Want to know more about cooperative solar power?

The municipality supports initiatives that contribute to a sustainable future. Initiatives that wish to jointly generate sustainable electricity through a collective solar roof can apply for a subsidy. This is a maximum of €2,500 for the research and start-up costs of the project.

The municipality is looking for roofs

The municipality of Haarlem is looking for roofs that are suitable as a cooperative solar roof. Do you or your organisation have a large roof with which you want to generate solar power, please contact Kennemer Energie.


The municipality works together with cooperative Kennemer Kracht and Stichting Stadsgarage on the European project EMPOWER2.0 to involve residents in the energy transition, amongst others with collective solar roofs.