The Wesermarsch pilot area is a low lying march area which is directly located at the German North Sea coast. It is highly vulnerable to floods caused by storm surges, river flooding and heavy rainfall events which may occur at the same time. In the past, flood risk was mainly reduced through the enforcement of dikes and the strengthening of the drainage infrastructure.

Related to the Multi-Layer-Safety approach, there is still a large potential to reduce the impacts of floods through improvements in spatial planning and disaster management. Therefore, the focus of the FRAMES activities will be on the following fields of action:

  • Identification of knowledge gaps and improvement of the knowledge base for flood management planning and for an efficient flood management
  • Revision of the regional contingency planning
  • Identification of synergies between spatial planning and flood risk management
  • Development of integrative drainage solutions for rural and urban drainage

To achieve the objectives in terms of fostering flood risk management, which is balanced with regard to the different levels of the Multi-Layer-Safety-Approach, a tight cooperation with regional stakeholders is essential.

In the FRAMES Wiki you can find more elaborate information and results of this pilot.