Mid-Term Conference - Presentation Materials

The materials in this section are the presentations and project results presented at the HyTrEc2 Mid-Term Conference on the 1st of October 2019 in Aberdeen, Scotland. This material is now available for viewing and downloading.

HyTrEc2 project began on the 2/10/2016 and is designated to run until the 10/10/2021. To celebrate three successful years, and to anticipate the next two, there was a mid-term conference held on the 1st of October 2019 in Aberdeen. The conference was arranged in conjunction with Aberdeen Hydrogen Festival (30/09-4/10/2019), which attracted a great deal of attention from the transport and energy sectors. The conference entitled "Hydrogen: A Business Opportunity for the North Sea Regions" had a fantastic turn out with 260 delegates.  It is clear that over the lifetime of the project interest in Hydrogen has significantly increased: HyTrEc2 must take advantage of this momentum to build upon its prior successes.


The workshops below cover a number of topics that are being addressed as part of the HyTrEc2 project deliverables:  


The above workshop, presented by HyTrEc2 partner RISE, investigates uses for Hydrogen fuel beyond transport. RISE studies Hydrogen's use in the context of the remote locations of the North Sea Region where heating is vital.



 The above workshop presents a business case for producing renewable Hydrogen in Aberdeen- which is a cornerstone objective of the HyTrEc2 project. HyTrEc2 aims for Hydrogen to be entirely green: work package four focuses on making this aim a reality. 



 The above workshop, presented by HyTrEc2 partner Cenex, uses data gathered so far in the project to explore the dichotomy of future transport. Petrol/Diesel transport cannot continue indefinitely, once  hydrocarbons are removed from the transportation sector it is often speculated that either Electric or Hydrogen vehicles will fill the void: the above presentation explores this.


The above workshop from HyTrEc2 partner Groningen looks at the successes the City has had so far with Hydrogen vehicles and its aims for future development.