UiT present HRS training facility at Transition Towards Zero Emissions Ports (TRAZEPO) Workshop

11 May 2020 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow

The Arctic University of Norway presented their ambitions to create a training Hydrogen Refuelling Station at a workshop under the 'Transition Towards Zero Emission Ports' (TRAZEPO) project. The presentation covers the potential of Hydrogen; the ambitions the University have for the training facility; and outlines the processes required to create a HRS in Norway.  UiT delivered this presentation at a workshop hosted by the Port of Narvik, as a partner in TRAZEPO. The project is led by SINTEF and funded through the Research Council of Norway's framework program ENERGIX, for renewable energy, efficient energy use, energy system and energy policy, and explores the scope for ports to develop into zero emission energy hubs. 

The work of HyTrEc2 in the region has generated increased curiosity in Hydrogen as a clean, green alternative fuel for transport, of all varieties. The HyTrEc2 Work Package Five Lead Partner have recently put out a tender for the construction of a HRS, which will be used to give practical Hydrogen training to engineering students. The refuelling station will provide the additional benefit of supporting Work Package Four, with evidence of how Hydrogen storage preforms in such extreme conditions, and Work Package Three by enabling Narvik to pursue a trial of a Hydrogen vehicle.



{Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure soon to be deployed in Narvik, by HyTrEc2 partner UiT}


The plans to place a training HRS in Narvik sparked the interest of many local organisations including the port, as such it is no surprise that UiT were asked to share some of the knowledge they have gained so far as part of HyTrEc2. It is anticipated that UiT will be involved in further discussions mapping the future of transport within Northern Norway. 

For those seeking further information regarding UiT's presentation, it can be found here.