Investment announcement positions Narvik as Norway's Hydrogen Capital

19 March 2021 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow
Hydrogen Economy blossoming in Narvik, City of HyTrEc2 partner UiT.

HyTrEc2 partner UiT has been beating the hydrogen drum in the North of Norway for years, with their university module on hydrogen and their newly constructed hydrogen refuelling station. The recent investment announcement from TECO 2030 shows that UiT's call has been heeded.


TECO 2030 is set to establish a hydrogen fuel cell 'gigafactory' in Narvik, which will ensure an estimated 500 hydrogen jobs in the region. This will significantly boost the local supply-chain. TECO 2030 is specifically targeting shipping to ensure this industry can transition towards a more sustainable future with zero-emission hydrogen at its core.


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