HyTrEc2 were invited along to annual Shell Girls In Energy, to showcase the hydrogen powered vehicles to all the amazing young women attending the day.

19 November 2019 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow
Shell Girls In Energy event took place at TECA on 16th November 2019 and HyTrEc2's vehicle was centre stage



{ACC as HyTrEc2 Lead Partner were overjoyed to attend the event and support the Shell project, and to promote alternative fuels with hydrogen powered vehicles}


Background to the Event

The Shell Girls in Energy programme is a one-year course that is designed to open young women’s eyes to the energy industry’s wealth of career opportunities. Delivered in partnership by North East Scotland College, the programme delivers weekly lessons, workshops and field visits to young women aged 14–16 in secondary education.

Prior to starting the programme many of their students believe a job in the industry meant working on a platform in the middle of the North Sea and is not geared towards women. The course helps students to rethink these preconceptions and show them the huge range of different careers available both offshore and onshore all over the world.

Since it launched in 2010 the number of pupils involved in the Shell-sponsored programme has expanded to reach over 100 young women each year, with further expansion plans in progress. You can find more information on this Here

The Shell Girls in Energy Event - 16th November 2019

Each year, Shell hold a Girls in Energy Event, which brings together pupils, students, Shell staff and teachers together for one day to explore the energy sector and inform the young women of the course and opportunities. The event, which was held at TECA P&J Live Aberdeen, had young women attend from a range of schools from Aberdeen, Peterhead and Fraserburgh.  They were split into different teams and together with Shell ambassadors and teachers, they were tasked to come up with an alternative energy ideas to present - they could choose from Work, Transport or Home.

There was a number of hydrogen related projects that were presented. These focused around transport. An electric vehicles project was deemed the winner.  Nevertheless, it was very positive and encouraging to see groups discussing hydrogen for transport.  HyTrEc2 were proud to support the project and discuss the various hydrogen opportunities there are, particularly in the North East Region.



 {We showcased a Toyota Mirai, which all of the young women were thrilled to see.  They could sit in the cars and experience how quiet hydrogen fuelled cars are.  They were especially encouraged to hear that hydrogen fuelled cars produce zero emissions.}



{Louise Napier, above, showing the young women how the car works and answering their questions on hydrogen fuelled transport.  They talked about hydrogen potentially being the future of transport!}


Shell also run a Big Ideas Challenge in which schools can win a prize for their school.  The premise of the challenge is to look at what cities will look like in 2050? How will they be powered to be vibrant, healthy and clean places to live? This is the question put to students aged 11-14 by The Bright Ideas Challenge, Shell’s cross-curricular schools’ competition. Now in its fifth year, the competition invites young people to use their creativity, problem solving, teamwork and STEM skills to devise innovative solutions that could power cities of the future. With over £45,000 worth of cash prizes up for grabs, there’s every reason for them to think big!  Hydrogen will surely be a large focus within this!

You can find more information on The Bright Ideas Challenge here.