HyTrEc2 Legacy Seminar - Joining the Aberdeen Hydrogen Vehicle Club

26 April 2023 - Published by Louise Napier
Interested in becoming a hydrogen vehicle pioneer? Join us as we share knowledge and insights into opportunities for hydrogen in Aberdeen.

Over the past six years Aberdeen City Council, along with HyTrEc2 Partners from the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Norway have been working together to create the right conditions for a hydrogen vehicle market to develop in our regions.  We have delivered and tested a range of innovative hydrogen vehicles, developed hydrogen production and refuelling facilities, mapped the hydrogen supply chain and created training opportunities for hydrogen.  

The results of our work have now led to the delivery of a legacy project in Aberdeen where we will scale up the number of vehicles across the City by offering both private and public sector organisations in the North east of Scotland the opportunity to join a Hydrogen Vehicle ClubThe Club will allow access to the Council’s Vehicle Procurement Frameworks and, if successful, grant funding to subsidise the costs of hydrogen vehicles and fuel to diesel price parityIf you are interested in learning more about hydrogen vehicles and plans for hydrogen then come along and join us on Tuesday 16th May 2023 at The Town and County Hall, The Town House, Castle Street, Aberdeen.

This is an opportunity for organisations that are interested in hydrogen vehicle technology and decarbonising their fleets to come along, see the hydrogen vehicle display and listen to:

- When hydrogen or electric technology might be best for your fleet (CENEX)

- The practicalities of operating hydrogen vehicles (Aberdeenshire Council, Gemeente Groningen, Provincie Drenthe, atene KOM)

- Hydrogen vehicle options and how Aberdeen City Council might be able to help with trialling (Aberdeen City Council, ULEMCo)

- What the plans are for hydrogen vehicle and refuelling rollout in Aberdeen (Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub)


If you are interested in joining us, please sign up at the below Eventbrite link.

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