HyTrEc2 has won a project extension to carry out more pioneering hydrogen work!

29 June 2021 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow

Exciting News HyTrEc2 will be delivering a Hydrogen Economy for a while longer! We have been awarded an extension to the project, allowing us to explore hydrogen deployment in new sectors and ways. 


One of the HyTrEc2 priorities for Call 12 is to engage with some of Europe’s largest transport polluters and target “Ports" for hydrogen applications, both boating and aviation.

 By 2050, global aviation and shipping are together expected to contribute almost 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions unless further mitigation actions are taken. (European Environmental Agency, 2019) *formatting added*


To mitigate the effects of climate change, we will need our ports to transition to systems with fewer greenhouse gas emissions. HyTrEc2 will use the partnership's existing hydrogen expertise to help enable this transition via green hydrogen.


{HyTrEc2 bring green hydrogen to a port near you! (pictured: HyTrEc2 Toyota Mirai visiting Energy Observer at Peterhead Port in September 2019)}


The HyTrEc2 project extension will have various deliverables including:

  • Groningen Aiprort Eelde to deploy the h2 in ground-unit airside
  • Demonstration of dockside hydrogen refuelling in Groningen 
  • An upgrade of Narvik’s Hydrogen Refuelling Station to include onsite hydrogen production
  • A study on multi-modal refuelling and “Hydrogen Refuelling Footprint”
  • And so much more- so watch this space!

It is already anticipated that in the future harbours and airports will be significant users of hydrogen. By working with these non-road transport sectors now, HyTrEc2 can facilitate quicker uptake of hydrogen, which will in turn increase demand for hydrogen, increase the level of production, and therefore reduce the price of hydrogen overall, to benefit all users. This will strengthen the economics of hydrogen deployment improve even further.


"The North Sea is awash with Ports, and all of them are polluting. We need to sort them out, and the extension of HyTrEc2 provides an exciting opportunity to do just that. I am keen to follow the deployment of hydrogen in the non-road transport sector, as it could be of significant importance to the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub." HyTrEc2 Champion, Councillor Philip Bell  


Furthermore, Ports are the gateways to Europe and further afield.  Encouraging uptake amongst our ports engenders learning in the handling of this technology. This then provides the backdrop and possibility for large scale export. This will have significant economic implications for all the North Sea Region ports as they are strategically placed to reap the rewards of an increasing global appetite for hydrogen. 


Well done HyTrEc2, lets continue this exciting hydrogen journey!