Hydrogen Conference: A business opportunity for Scotland (Aberdeen City)

25 June 2019 - Published by Louise Napier
HyTrEc2 hosted a business to business meeting facilitated by Aberdeen City Council and partners to engage the local companies interested in engaging in the emerging sector.

This conference was organized by HyTrEc2, Aberdeen City Council, ERM and Pale Blue Dot Energy in partnership with Hydrogen Aberdeen, Opportunity North East and Scottish Enterprise.


Scotland, with its history of innovation and technology development for the oil and gas industry, could be at the forefront of hydrogen. This event promoted opportunities for the regional supply chain to diversify, create new opportunities and generate employment.

The conference will explored the vision and opportunity for hydrogen, its production and applications, as well as hearing from current hydrogen projects from across the UK. The event focussed on the opportunities for development of the regional supply chain. The day was aimed at those wanting to understand what is happening in this exciting market, how the technology is evolving, and some of the current projects being developed.



To download the presentations from the event head to: https://erm.com/Hydrogen-Scotland-Conference-Oct2018