Groningen Launch of Vehicles and Station

24 June 2019 - Published by Louise Napier
The 22nd May 2017 saw the official presentation of the Municipality of Groningen's hydrogen vehicles and portable hydrogen filling station.

The Municipality of Groningen presented their first hydrogen vehicles: a garbage truck, a street sweeper and two Hyundai ix35 passenger cars (part of HyTreC2). They also
presented their 'portable' hydrogen filling station at the event.

Two Hyundai hydrogen cars were purchased and tested between June - September 2017. They were deployed and tested from the end of October 2017. A Renault Kangoo van was purchased in August 2017. The van is already electric and by adding a hydrogen fuel cell, the range if this van
was extended.

Future vehicles being investigated include a Volkswagon van and street scooter. Both are already electric and will be
retrofitted. The two waste collection trucks will be retrofitted
in December and are expected to be deployed
from March 2018.