Digital Workshop Series 2: Skills, Legislation, and Supply Chain 28.9.21

24 September 2021 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow


The second instalment in the hydrogen digital series of events in which pioneering regions will report on their experience in the Hydrogen Transport Economy (HyTrEc2) project. This event will take place on the 28th of September 2021, with atene Kom, Cenex and Arctic University of Norway presenting. Registration is now open!


Hydrogen will be the one of the most important energy carriers of the future and hydrogen-powered vehicles are fundamental to achieving the EU's energy and climate protection goals. In Europe over 90% of transport is oil-based and it is proving to be one of the most stubborn areas for reducing carbon emissions. Converting larger vehicles to hydrogen offers real opportunities for carbon emissions reductions for both transport and logistics.

We will hear from three research organisations from the UK, Germany and Norway, who are deeply involved in hydrogen studies and each presenting on different themes. A hydrogen economy requires a lot of elements co-ordinating together to be successful. It is necessary to have workpeople upskilled to use hydrogen safely; it is vital to have regulatory frameworks in place to ensure universal safety; it is also crucial to have a strengthened supply chain. All these items will be discussed in the session on Tuesday 28th. 


The Date: 28 September 2021 14:00 CET

The Speakers

Madeline Langlois, atene KOM GmbH - Hydrogen skills and workplace development 


Nick McCarthy, Cenex UK - Legislation and standards report for the North Sea Region - 


Mohamad Mustafa, The Arctic University of Norway- Hydrogen supply chain in the North Sea Region - 


Event Moderator: Chris Ashe, atene KOM GmbH

'Hydrogen safety training should be provided to all employees who handle hydrogen or materials from which hydrogen can be evolved. HyTrEc2 is developing the necessary skills required as society accelerates decarbonisation towards net zero.'


Registration: Interested parties can register now here. Participation is free of charge.


Further events are planned at 4-month intervals until the end of 2022: For example, on the development of supply chains, on the production and storage of green hydrogen, and on the education and training of professionals.

The project: With the project, the partners in HyTrEc2 want to develop the North Sea region into a centre of competence for green hydrogen and find solutions to promote the FCEV market.