Cenex demonstrates the carbon emissions reduction potential of hydrogen

As part of HyTrEc2, Cenex has captured vehicle data for hydrogen, diesel electric and hybrid vehicles to allow baseline monitoring to compare hydrogen performance against other fuels.

Data reports within the scope of the Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) HyTrEc2 project have been produced that demonstrate where hydrogen vehicles can be optimally placed in fleets to maximise duty cycles and the amount of CO2 that the project vehicles have saved over the time on the road.

Cenex have also been able to use HyTrEc2 data to establish that even when grey hydrogen produced from the grid is used in a hydrogen vehicle, this has carbon reduction benefits as opposed to diesel.


From this work, Cenex has now developed new data modelling software that can reliably track how a hydrogen vehicle might perform and the carbon emissions it might displace from a diesel comparator.



In December 2021, Cenex published the HyTrEc2 North Sea Region Hydrogen Transport Legislation and Standards Report. This report details the safety, fuelling and validation of vehicles across the North Sea Region countries. It will assist companies new to hydrogen technologies in getting to grips with the most significant legislative requirements across the EU and is a critical introduction for those about to start their hydrogen transport journey.