HyTrEc2 News

UiT publishes updated HyTrEc2 Supply Chain Map

23 September 2023

At the start of the HyTrEc2 project, Pale Blue Dot Energy (now Storegga), an energy consultancy firm, provided HyTrEc2 with a detailed hydrogen supply chain map for the purpose of assessing and devel…

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Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Fleet Gap Analysis Report for Aberdeenshire

08 September 2023

With large parts of the North Sea Region consisting of rural or semi-rural hinterland, HyTrEc2 Partners trusted that hydrogen would form an important part of the overall solution for decarbonisation …

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Final Workshop at Groningen Airport to Launch the Hydrogen Ground Power Unit

05 June 2023

1st June Workshop and Launch of GPU Event a Success!

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HyTrEc2 Legacy Seminar - Joining the Aberdeen Hydrogen Vehicle Club

26 April 2023

Interested in becoming a hydrogen vehicle pioneer? Join us as we share knowledge and insights into opportunities for hydrogen in Aberdeen.

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ACHES Public Open Day - Saturday 1st April 2023

03 April 2023

On Saturday 1st April 2023, the Aberdeen City Hydrogen Energy Storage (ACHES) held a public open day where members of the public could receive a guided tour of the facility. Assisting in providing th…

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bp Visits to ACHES and TECA 29 March 2023

29 March 2023

Team members from the bp JV and UK Hydrogen team attended tours at both the ACHES and TECA Energy centre facilities today (Wednesday 29th March). The tours provided a great opportunity for the bp tea…

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ProtoTAU Team ACHES Visit

28 March 2023

On 2nd March 2023, members of the ProtoTAU team from the University of Aberdeen came to visit the ACHES facility for a tour. This young team of mechanical engineers were the first Scottish team to co…

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Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure Tender Now Live on Public Contracts Scotland

23 March 2023

Today (23rd March 2023), as part of the HyTrEc2 Project considering remote hydrogen refuelling for various fleets, Aberdeen City Council has published an invitation to tender (ITT) on Public Contra…

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Aberdeen H2 Hub ITT for green hydrogen refuelling

15 March 2023

bp Aberdeen Hydrogen Energy Limited has released an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of hydrogen equipment for the purpose of production, compression,…

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Drenthe's Second Hydrogen Ground Power Unit Arrives

15 March 2023

Under the HyTrEc2 project, Provincie Drenthe has now added a second hydrogen Ground Power Unit (GPU).

Ground Power Units are usually found at airports and service the aircraft between flights helpi…

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