To get in touch with HyTrEc2, please contact the lead beneficiary of the project, Louise Napier (Aberdeen City Council). Details of those partners overseeing specific project deliverables are also listed below.


WP1 Project Management - Louise Napier (Aberdeen City Council)

WP2 Communications - Madeline Langlois (atene KOM Gmbh)

WP3 Vehicle Trails - Nick McCarthy (Cenex UK)

WP4 Low Carbon Hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution - Anna Alexander (Research Institutes of Sweden - RISE)

WP5 Supply Chain Development and Training - Mohamad Mustafa (University of Tromoso - The Arctic University of Norway)


Title Aberdeen City Council
Address Marischal College, Ground Floor, North Wing Hub 4, Broad Street
City Aberdeen
Telephone +44 1224 523807