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Welcome to the CANAPE Outputs Library. Here you will find all our published documents relating to the project. If you cannot find something that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be updating this database regularly throughout the project, and will update which new documents have been added through the project newsletter. 

Peatland Guide 

Peatlands Across Europe: Innovation and Inspiration - Policy Guidance to Restore and Manage Peatlands


Sphagnumfarm Barver: Planung und Einrichtung einer Torfmooskultur auf Hochmoorgrünland – erste
Erfahrungen (Sphagnumfarm Barver: Planning and establishment of a peatmoss culture
on raised bog grassland – first experiences) - Holthuis & Hofer, 2022


World Wetlands Day 2019 video - Restoring Chara Bay

 First Charcoal Burns in the Broads - April 2019

Fish Tracking in Lake de Leijen

 Sphagnumfarm Barver - the Making of






CANAPE Presentation May 2019

Fish Tracking Presentation March 2020


CANAPE Newsletter February 2019

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CANAPE Brochure 2019

CANAPE Charcoal Brochure June 2019

CANAPE Charcoal Brochure 2020

CANAPE Horsey Wetland Brochure

Promotional Banners 

Peatland Discovery Zone Banner 1

Peatland Discovery Zone Banner 2

Peatland Discovery Zone Banner 3



Site Surveys and Design Work 

Barver Moor Design 

Barver Moor Peat depth

Barver Moor Profile Design 1 

Barver Moor Profile Design 2

Zuidlaardermeer PC Lake Assessment

Zuidlardermeer Plan van Aanpak (Action Plan)

Horsey Wet Farming Factsheet 2022

Peatland Vision 

Valthermond Subsidence Pilot (In Dutch)

Common Assessment Framework Methodology

Guidance for completing the CAF

CANAPE GHG Assessment Methodology 

Assessment Methodology 



Assessing Carbon Stocks within the Peat of the Broads National Park 

Student Research