Circular procurement cases and examples

This section is aimed at procurers and procurement management as well as policy makers and different supply chain actors and offers a host of inspirational examples extracted from pilot projects conducted in different industry sectors during the ProCirc project. The lessons learned can be utilised to overcome resistance, avoid pitfalls, and create momentum going forward.


Opportunities and barriers report

This analysis report focuses on procurers and managers who want to get started with circular procurement. It aims to inspire and offers a better understanding of organisational needs. Once you understand what preparations are necessary, you can start supporting the uptake of circular procurement within your organisation.

What: More than 30 circular procurement pilot projects were initiated and carried out during the ProCirc project. Through interviews about these pilots, existing opportunities and barriers for implementing circular procurements have been identified. This analysis report summarises the lessons learned and provides procuring organisations with practical examples on how to address circular procurement for different sectors.

How: The purpose of this report is to offer you insights and inspiration into circular procurement. For each sector, it highlights market opportunities, success factors in tendering, steps to prepare your own organisation, and recommended case studies for further information.


Best practice articles

In need of inspiration? The ProCirc project published eight professional procurement articles. Each article delves deeply into a circular procurement topic, providing detailed information on the background, lessons learned, results, new insights, and more. They bring together expertise and experience from the project:

Pilot case studies

Are you looking for a starting point to transform your procurement approach? Or would you like to be inspired by seeing examples of circular procurement? These pilot case studies provide insights for everyone interested in the topic. They are also practical: they present evidence on feasibility and show what an organisation can gain from circular procurement.

What: The Interreg NSR ProCirc project initiated and supported more than 30 pilot projects to demonstrate circular procurement opportunities in the field of furniture, construction, waste, textiles, and several other topics. A case story is written for each pilot. The cases summarise the procurement process, results and lessons learned. All pilot case studies can be found here.

How: Among the main success factors of the pilot projects are the people behind them: the circular procurement champions. The champions lead the process and inspire you to follow, support, and contribute. Do you want to motivate others and help spread the circular procurement message? You are invited to join our LinkedIn Learning Network group!