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Task 5.2.1 Improving Estuary Governance - Comparison of the governance of the Elbe, Scheldt and Humber regarding estuary management

The motivation for HPA was to compare governmental and decision making structures and processes of the three estuaries and analyse what valuable lessons can be learned from estuaries with comparable physical, economical and societal characteristics (and hence comparable challenges and tensions between actors and their interests) although if different governance structures and cultures may exist.

Task 6.1 Stakeholder Mapping

This document presents a list of stakeholder groups of the IMMERSE partner estuaries as well as groups of interest in partner and other North Sea Regions estuaries. An overview of relevant organizations including their main area of interests is provided and can be used for organizing a meeting or event. Due to data security rules no addresses can be shown, but they can be provided by the responsible authors of the document.

Task 6.2 Improve stakeholder integration by analyzing and discussing past experiences

A first step in the stakeholder process, i.e. before integrating stakeholders in the measure development processes, a mapping of relevant stakeholders was undertaken if not yet available (IMMERSE Task 6.1). In IMMERSE the partners mapped stakeholders from project estuaries as well as from across the NSR. As a second step, an analysis and discussion of past experiences of stakeholder involvement should be undertaken to improve the stakeholder integration. This is done under IMMERSE task 6.2 for which the results are presented in this report.

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