The IoT Registry

The IoT Registry offers transparency to citizens, visitors and entrepreneurs by providing an online registry of IoT devices.

With more and more IoT devices placed all over the cities, the citizens can start to feel insecure and surveilled not knowing what is the purpose of the different devices. To address this issue the idea of the IoT Registry was shaped.

The aim of the IoT Registry is to offer transparency to citizens, visitors and entrepreneurs by providing an online registry of IoT devices with information answering the most basic questions such as; Why is the device here? Who put it here? And who has access to the data?

It is a public registry that visualizes metadata of IoT devices on a map. By clicking the different symbols on the map, the end user will get the information about the device. The first version of the IoT Registry is developed in Amsterdam, and it is online and available now. You can see a small overview here:


If you want to explore further and learn more, please visit the website here 

Amsterdam initiated the first version of the IoT Registry, that Digipolis Ghent and Aarhus are co-developing. Digipolis Ghent is at this stage contributing to the common components and also circulating mockup prototypes for a version of the IoT Registry that corresponds to the needs of the City of Ghent. If everything works out, the IoT Registry will be implemented in Ghent and Aarhus and thereby be the first transnational SCORE solution to be applied by four project partners. 

The long-term ambition of the IoT Registry is that any European city can use it. 

For more information about the IoT Registry please contact:

Jacco Brouwer:   

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