Open Source Geoportal

Operators in cities have different but also aligning requirements for their webmapping applications. The Masterportal is a growing modular open source toolbox supporting OGC APIs.

The challenge 

The Masterportal (Open Source Geoportal) first developed by the Agency for Geoinfromation and Surveying in Hamburg has now a growing developing community of German speaking cities and municipalities (e.g.: Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt a.m.) and it is used by even more. With a development community of 20 partners (Jan. 2020) the software becomes known and more and more popular.  

As also non-German-speaking cities show raising interest in the software, a multi lingual frontend and documentation is needed.

The solution 

The Code needs to be adapted, so that languages can be added easily via variables and language files. Each function e.g. for the command ”print” will get a variable and with the language files these variables can be output in the selected language easily. Additionally, the documentation will be changed to English.


The City of Hamburg decided to start with the most spoken languages in Europe: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. Additional languages can be added easily by creating language files.

The team

Hamburg works together with the IT provider of the City of Hamburg: Dataport. Hamburg is the inventor of the Masterportal and a driving force. Dataport is responsible for promoting and distributing the Masterportal Application in Germany. 
The Foundation for Public Code is interested in supporting the Masterportal distribution in Europe.

Why is your solution a good fit into the SCORE project?

The aim of SCORE is to share open data and code. For the Masterportal the City of Hamburg successfully shared its code within Germany. SCORE offers a great opportunity to share the code beyond the german-speaking countries.


Jasmin Geißler: jasmin.geiß