SCORE solutions

The SCORE partners are working together to improve efficiency and quality of public service delivery (i.e. traffic flow, pollution, drainage, flooding) based on smart, open data driven solutions. These innovations can then be re-used for free by other North Sea Region cities, encouraging collaboration between partners and thereby expanding their understanding of open data usage. Partners aim to learn from each other by sharing experiences in open data application and agile software development. For this, urban data is unlocked and made inter-operable between departments and organisations. Working as partners, cities have the combined resources, IT competences, and policy expertise to achieve solutions for shared challenges that they could not achieve individually. City partners can lead, co-develop or simply follow the implementation of solutions. The aim is that each solution will be demonstrated in living labs in the cities where they were first developed. 

SCORE is a dynamic project, so more SCORE solutions will be added to the website continuously. Below, a list of concrete solutions that SCORE partners are implementing.  

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Citizen Science as a Service (CSaaS) 

Crowd Flow Dashboard

Decision Support for Roadwork Coordination

Gully Sensors

Linked Open Data Taxonomy Manager


The IoT Registry

Urban Computing to Gain Insight into City Liveability