Appointed challenges for the SCORE project

Below is a short oversight of the challenges SCORE is working with

Among the suggested challenges there were many important and pressing issues, interesting to delve into. Among the top 11 were topics such as water quality, waste management, routing and traffic management.

For now, the latest evolvement the challenges will be under the realm of the topics listed below. The topic titles will probably change, and we will keep this website updated, but roughly, those will be the main issues:

  • Traffic Flow + Routing (Mobility): This includes traffic management through monitoring of existing infrastructure but also by way of high scale techonology such as streetlight monitoring. In terms of routing, this challenge also deals with e.g. improving the pedestrian connection between two highly popular locations, improving accessibility, etc.
  • Mobility Hubs (Mobility): Connecting different modes of transport requires both the provisioning of multiple modes of transport in a physically accessible setting, and providing accurate information services.
  • Sensitisation (Environment): Providing citizens with clear information on the state of the city's environmental resources such as air quality.
  • Drainage + Flooding (Water): Creating solutions to all aspects related to rainfall and the coverage of soil in cities. Soil covering has many negative impacts and can often be mitigated by making smart use of drainage systems.