Create data and understanding of current supply and demand

The REFRAME project aims at creating opportunities for regional stakeholders to gain insight in current volumes and quality of regional food supply and urban demand and understand the (mis)matches between both. Below you find a number of best practises from our five participating pilot regions.



The Northern Seednetwork

Seeds are essential to a sustainable and
authentic regional food economy.
'Het Noordelijk Zadennetwerk' (or in
English: The Northern Seednetwork)
creates a regional market for seeds.
They thus preserve the specific
qualities of regional crops and give
regional SME's an alternative to the
monopolies of global corporations. 

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The Foodshare App

The Foodshare App is an application
that is developed by students from
the Hanze University of Applied
Sciences in Groningen. The app is
aimed to be used on your
smartphone and brings together
people that offer food and people
that need food or certain products.

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Network: Ketentafel Voedsel Stad en
Ommeland (Groningen)

A network community, founded in 2015.
The network represents members of very
different organisations, who exchange knowledge
and experience in the transition towards a
sustainable foodsystem in North Netherland.
Members are coming from companies,
government, NGO’s, professionals, students,
producers, retailers and cooperations.

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