Plug and Play at sea ?! Innovation Lab, 10 July, Nijlicht Eemshaven

Venue: Nijlicht Eemshaven

Will all wind turbines soon have a power outlet, and can vessels stop by to charge? This all depends on where we are going with electrification of offshore wind activities. The reason, however, is clear: the shipping industry is one of the largest and fastest growing sources of global CO2 emissions. Electrifying with sustainably generated electricity is one of the ways in which the maritime industry could reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

What are the challenges facing the shipbuilding industry in electrification? Which new types of vessels are needed to start sustainable offshore wind activities? And how does the shipbuilding sector itself view this development in the field of electrification? 

The maritime energy transition requires a long breath. A consistent policy, based on well-considered transition paths, is essential for this. One of the complexities of the maritime energy transition is the many factors that influence this. Which instruments can help the maritime sector to oversee the consequences of alternative energy carriers on board ships? 

Finally, we look at the role that the port authority plays in making the offshore activities more sustainable. What opportunities and challenges does the port authority see for the offshore sector? 

These are some of the topics to be discussed during the "Innovation Lab" on July 10th.