Future Drone Applications in Maritime and Offshore Industries

Event duration: 2 hours

The Periscope Network invites you to participate in an event on future Drone Applications in Maritime and Offshore Industries on 23 November

The tasks and missions that aerial drones can accomplish are accelerating. While safety concerns about flying over people and cities have led to zoning restrictions, the case has been different over water. Maritime and offshore applications for aerial drones have become the wild west. Transnational collaborative projects are needed to continue to push this evolution, and the seminar will work towards this end.

Partnering up makes sense in innovation

The programme for the event is based on the methods developed by the Periscope Network, with matchmaking around interest areas to streamline project applications.

Please indicate your two topic preferences at sign-up

Because the development of drones will be based on where they are stationed, the day will be organised to introduce and discuss the different sites of their application. At registration, participants should indicate their areas of interest by choosing two topics for the breakout session.

The event on 23 November, 09h45 - 11h45, will be a hybrid event; overall attendance (physical as well as online) is limited to 60 participants. The available places will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Links to participate via zoom will be distributed after the registration deadline.