Ocean industries and sustainability: Future vessels, logistics and infrastructure

Maritime transport is fundamentally important for sustainable development and the world economy. The maritime industry is currently among Norway's most global, innovative and forward-looking industries. Its employment rate, value creation and spillover to other industries make it an important driving force in Norwegian business and industry.

Maritime transport is international in all aspects and not just the shipping industry and composed of various players and stakeholders including the shipbuilding industry, maritime equipment manufacturing industry, finance and insurance industries, classification societies, ship owners, seafarers, shippers, trade industry, oil and energy industries, ports, navigation infrastructures, maritime administrations, port state authorities, coast guards, governments and international organizations. 

The opportunities which the industry is facing requires long-term efforts from the various players. Interaction between authorities, research, and commercial and industrial players in the industry is important in this context. The opportunities the maritime industry provides for value creation and industrial activity, can be developed primarily by the industry itself.

The potential for developing a green Norwegian shipping industry is great. A green shift will contribute to strengthening value creation in the industry and give a competitive edge.

To this end, GCE NODE is hosting an event on 15 August at Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Arendal from 14:00 - 16:30 on ocean industries and sustainability.