Transnational Exchange Lab #4 - online

IMMERSE is organising the fourth Transnational Estuary Exchange Lab (TEEL) on Tuesday 9th November 2021 online. The main theme of this TEEL is ecological restoration and habitat creation with a focus on the Tees & Humber estuaries. The discussion will focus on how IMMERSE measures can contribute to habitat creation, such as direct intervention as in the case of Tees River Trust, holistic realignment measures or through sediment management in three dedicated sessions:


Introductory session: 'Setting the Scene: Healthy estuaries and their societal value'

Flood resilience and nature-based solutions: delivering multiple outcomes 

Dr Sue Manson, Environment Agency England

Native Oyster and Seagrass Restoration 

Andy Jayes, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust


Session I: 'Habitat Creation and Ecological Interventions incl. Sediment Management'

Habitat Creation in the tidal Elbe 

Dr Elisabeth Klocke, Elbe Habitat Foundation

Expected and unexpected effects of managed realignment in an urbanised estuarine environment

Dr Rodney Forster, University of Hull

Morphological management in the Scheldt estuary: Harmonising ecosystem functions with sediment management 

Yves Plancke, Flanders Hydraulics


Session II: 'Green Financing: Blue carbon credits to fund habitat creation'

Investing in Nature: Ecosystem Services and Funding Mechanisms 

Andy Slaney, Environment Agency England

Estuary Edges: Intertidal habitat creation in UK estuaries  

Amy Pryor, Thames Estuary Partnership

Tees Estuary Intertidal Habitat Creation

Ben Lamb, Tees Rivers Trust

Tees Tidelands – Rewilding the Tees Estuary 

Phil Marshall, Environment Agency England

An introduction to Managed Realignment on the Humber estuary

Dan Normandale

Innovative rain gardens to filter microplastics from stormwater

Karin Karlfeldt Fedje


All sessions aim to provide stakeholders with relevant information regarding habitat creation and/or ecological restoration following the IMMERSE objectives; knowledge transfer and acceleration of measure implementation, whilst increasing cost-efficiency and enhancing stakeholder commitment.


Download the full report of the event here.


Anyone with an interest in North Sea Region estuary management is encouraged to attend the TEELs. For any questions, please contact Frederick Bruce.