TWI Ltd (United Kingdom)

TWI is one of Europe's foremost independent research and technology organisations, established 1946, employing c. 850 scientists, engineers and technologists.

Thematic competences and experiences

TWI provides industry within engineering solutions in manufacturing, joining and associated technologies for many engineering materials. Being a not-for-profit membership organisation, work is primarily carried out for the benefit of 700+ industrial members and the wider community. TWI has a substantial track record in technology transfer.

Benefit for the organisation from participating in the project

The project will support TWI in its mission to raise awareness and profile of the latest I4.0 manufacturing technologies within its membership and wider SME community. Working with WP3 partners, TWI will take a leadership role in key elements of the project, whilst also benefiting from the results and overall learning from interaction with the other partners and industry and also creating solutions for SMEs within NSR and Europe to embrace the philosophy of I4.0.

Main role

TWI will take active part in WP3 on the development and collaboration to foster new business models, best practices and latest technology awareness and adoption for manufacturing SMEs in NSR and Europe. The development of strategic opportunities for managed cross-fertilisation of knowledge, methods, tools, concepts and skills to inform and create new SME business applications across the North Sea Region and Europe.




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