Opportunity Peterborough Ltd.

Opportunity Peterborough is here to help local businesses grow and develop. We help businesses access new markets, skills and property.

Thematic competences and experience

As an economic development company, Opportunity Peterborough works with local businesses, education providers and the public sector to drive forward economic growth and inward investment across the Gretaer  Peterborough area. Our approach has a significant sustainable development focus through our circular econnomy work which builds on the city’s status as one of four UK Future City Demonstrators which has a significant international profile through our connections across Europe and our smart city leadership work in India.


Benefit for the organisation from participating in the project

The project will help Opportunity Peterborough to enhance the international profile of the city as a place to do business and help to drive innovation across it’s extensive manufacturing sector. It will also enable us to explore how innovation through Industry 4.0 can help to drive resource efficiency, waste reduction and, ultimateley, the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Main role in the project

Opportunity Peterborough’s primary role will be in identifying and engaging with SMEs to encourage their involvemnt in the project including the testing of the GrowIN 4.0 tools in real situations. We will arrange and facilate a number of events to achieve this and also take a proactive role in disseminating the learning and results amongst businesses, innovative thinkers and eduaction providers.

Website: https://www.opportunitypeterborough.co.uk/

E-mail: Trevor Gibson, trevor.gibson@opportunitypeterborough.co.uk 

Address: Allia Future Business Centre, Peterborough, PE2 8AN


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