Northern Netherlands Alliance (The Netherlands)

The Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN) is the Managing Authority for the Northern Netherlands and is responsible for the regional ERDF programme.

Thematic competences and experiences

SNN coordinates implementation of Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) and OP ERDF in the Northern Netherlands. Networking organisation for government agencies, knowledge institutes, business and intermedia organisations in the Northern Netherlands (facilitation body). The main aim is to strengthen the regional economy, in particular focusing on innovation.

Benefit for the organisation from participating in the project

Because of participating in this project we can bring together fragmented and specialised knowledge in a novel EDP that will trigger regional innovations, sustainable business development and support smart specialisation strategies in the Northern Netherlands.

Main role

As a management authority we would like to have a role in Public Support; set out actions to connect with public sector strategies and plans which can provide needed support to bring new domain opportunities to fruition. Therefore we will work together with the cluster "High Tech Systems and Materials" in the Northern Netherlands.




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