Flanders Make (Belgium)

Flanders Make (FM) is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. From our sites all over Flanders, we stimulate open innovation through excellent research.

Thematic competences and experiences

By setting up research projects in which universities and the manufacturing industry work together with FM engineers on research topics relevant for the industry, FM helps to create new economic activity. Valorisation of the research results in the companies thus creates new employment and business opportunities. Relevant competences, which give added value to the project, are mechatronics, product development and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Benefit for the organisation from participating in the project

FM hopes to intensify its international network regarding Industry 4.0 related topics and will learn from project results and approaches in other NSR countries. These findings will be translated to the Flemish context and - if feasible - will be used in future FM programs. Also the results will be used to support the Flemish manufacturing industry with focus on SMEs.

Main role

FM will participate in WP4. The main challenge in many companies including SMEs is to move from high volume, low flexibility manufacturing to very agile and flexible systems which are able to produce custom made products at series production cost. FM will support the SMEs with the technology choices and the related business cases. Starting from our extensive technological background and industrial network we are well placed to help companies in their choices


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