Anglia Ruskin University (United Kingdom)

ARU is a highly entrepreneurial university and was awarded Times Higher Education Entrepreneurial University of 2014-2015. ARU works with 2000+ businesses per year, and is a leading player in working with SMEs to develop new products and services through knowledge exchange.

Thematic competences and experiences

ARU has established an innovative MSc in Additive Manufacturing and is developing an Engineering Doc. Programme for SMEs so ARU is experienced in providing training that meets industry needs and enables technology adoption.

Benefit for the organisation from participating in the project

The project will establish a cross-border network of organisations supporting Industry 4.0 that will enable ARU to capitalise on, share and develop its knowledge exchange work, relevant research and existing courses on a transnational level to a new group of SMEs and public sector partners. The knowledge and partnerships gained through the project will enable ARU to improve its knowledge exchange support to SMEs and further develop the training and education offer for SMEs and large industry.

Main role

ARUs main roles: contributing to WP3 by leading study on digitisation in manufacturing SMEs, supporting business strategy tool development and SME engagement; in WP4 sharing knowledge on models for knowledge exchange with SMEs for better use of technology for service and product innovation; contributing to WP5 by looking at the transnational HE response to industry needs around 4.0 and the barriers to upskilling that the project can overcome; sharing our work on the MSc Additive Manufacturing.




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